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The most expensive candy in the world! From such a high price, you will have headache

In Portugal, they created the most expensive candy in the world. The price is so high that two armed men are guarding it. For the first time, people could see it at the Chocolate Festival in the Portuguese town of Óbidos.

The information was delivered by Reuters

Composition and Price

Chocolate candy comes from a limited edition of 1000 candies, is covered with edible gold and its price is calculated at 7728 euros. 

Its filling consists of a mixture of fibers of saffron, white truffles, vanilla from Madagascar and flakes of pure gold.

Candy Maker

Portuguese Daniel Gomes came up with the idea to create the most expensive candy in the world. Treat has the shape of a diamond and is so unique that it has not escaped the attention of the Guinness Book of Records.

By: Reuters