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Technology in 90s vs now - How much changed?

When we remember what life was like in the 90s, we feel nostalgic. It can be really fun to think about all those changes. Over the years, technology has evolved and changed a lot, using them, we now communicate, we have fun and we educate. But was it so before? To answer that question, we've prepared this article for you.


It was a beautiful summer day, you were sitting in front of the house and were playing with toys when your friend comes. What's that brick in his hand? This is called a Walkman. But what is it?

The original Walkman was released in 1979 as a portable cassette player, allowing music to be listened to on the go.

But the difference was not just in listening to music. For example, look for older music videos and compare them with the current ones. Their clips now show more of the naked body than before. The artists did not try to sell their music by showing their amazing body before. They were selling their music by how good it sounded.

The artists in the songs did not sing only about drugs and love. There were not many songs about sex or songs that were full of rude expressions, which made radio stations suitable for younger children. At least their parents didn't have to worry that their child would begin to rhyme about sex right before their eyes.

Surely you have noticed that when you go to a concert of a well-known artist, his voice sounds somehow... Different. This happens unfortunately because of the so-called auto-tone that changes the pitch of a voice and makes it sound deeper. Because of the lack of technology, nothing like this was happening in the past, and almost every song had the true voice.

Sà º Visiaci Obrà ¡ Zok

The most popular activity of today's generation? Chatting!

You can't go to the party that your friend invited you to? Simply write an SMS! Are you from the richer families? Use AOL Instant Messenger!

As "xXmatthew32" you open the AIM app, while a big pink chat absorbed in Comic Sans pops up on your screen. What more can you ask for? Just be beware of A/S/L!

At these days it's a little (completely) different. Every child nowadays just needs to have a smartphone and a set of social experts installed on it: Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It's very hard to find a teenager without these "school helpers".

Faith ½ Sledok VyhÄ ¾ Adà ¡ Vania Obrà ¡ Zkov pre dopyt Aol Instant Messenger

Friends? TV!

Watching TV usually meant sitting in the living room and sharing your time with the whole family. Do you remember Friends, The X-Files, Hey Arnold! or perhaps charmed? The television at the 90s was full of these serials.

How is it now? You will come to the TV and turn on Netflix, HBO GO or Youtube TV. Is the TV being used? I'll watch it on my smartphone! Yes, the technology allows us to easily watch our favorite movies and serials and we can find our film with one click, but that makes us lazier and some of us stay on TV all day. It certainly isn't good for us!

Faith ½ Sledok VyhÄ ¾ Adà ¡ Vania Obrà ¡ Zkov Pre dopyt VeÄernÃÄek

Video game

Playing video games was just about your NES and Gameboy. The console was perfect when friends came to you. If you had to share a TV with your siblings, or if you were on a forced family trip, the portable system was the best choice.

Today we have many ways to play video games. Yes, we still have consoles and portable systems, they are just a little better (greetings to Wii-U, Xbox and PlayStation). We still have games on mobile phones, but it's not just about Snake now, but about catching Pokémons and playing Fortnite and PUBG.

Faith ½ Sledok VyhÄ ¾ Adà ¡ Vania Obrà ¡ Zkov Pre DOPYT family playing NES