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More than 10 emoticons you have been using wrong

It has happened many times, and often people do not even know the real meaning they are sending. So, what is their exact meaning? Continue reading this article to find out the importance of all more than 10 emoticons we have here.

Every day we spend a lot of hours on the Internet, especially with social networking services such as Facebook. All of these networks affect us in real life and change the way we communicate. As you know, there is plenty of so-called emojis, which are supposed to as simply as possible express emotions, show your goal, or even laugh at someone. But perhaps the authors did not expect people, to create their own concepts of these emoticons, better to rewrite the original idea of the authors and give it a new meaning.

It has happened many times, and often people do not even know the real meaning they are sending. So, what is their exact meaning? Continue reading this article to find out the importance of all more than 10 emoticons we have here.

Tired Face

What it actually means: Tiredness

This smiley person is often used to represent sadness, in any case, it is wrong. The creators have revealed that it is a symbol of tiredness. Unfortunately, the natural similarity in this smiley is not the same as a normal person so I would like to see someone who looks like this when he is tired. Note for future use.


What it actually means: Ok

Well, this emoticon is really interesting. Looks like a ballerina, everyone uses it a little differently, but certainly not as simple “Ok”. For a simple summation, the hands above the head should show the letter “O” and hence “Ok”. Tell us in your comments if you knew about it or you used it badly for now.

Dead, amazed?

What it actually means: Dizziness and astonishment

The first thing one thinks about is that the emoji is supposed to pose some sudden death, probably caused by surprise. Here we stop because it really means astonishment, but nothing has to do with death. Then what then are the crosses in his eyes? We can’t actually tell you because we don’t really know it as well. We just have to reconcile with that.

Victory and Peace!

What it actually means: Victory (but for all of us, it will be forever peace!)

It’s not a symbol of peace as everyone seems to think, in fact, you should use it to show your victory. So if you ever win something, use this emoji. But in order, not to look stupid in front of your friends, choose something that will not make a hippie from you.

Astonishment? Next time ask why is he silent?

What it actually means: Silence

Certainly, everyone uses this emoji as an expression of surprise, astonishment, shock…say what you want. We know and we are 100% sure that this smiley is used by most of you when you are surprised with some information. Definitely, you will continue to use it even if it is wrong. This emojis actually meant to show silence. So…we do not know why it is, but silence with an open mouth is a bit weird. Here I pause because of most of the time if something surprises you, you also remain standing with your mouth open, so I suppose you can use it in your way and it will be correct.

Sends a kiss

What it actually means: Whistling

Yeah, surely when you flirt with someone, this is what you’re sending, apparently, it should be a so-called non-binding kiss, let’s say you never spoil anything with this one. The problem is that we are using it badly because it’s more about whistling. In simple terms…you’ve already whistled on a few women and they did not even know about it.


What it actually means: Joy of something

Let’s say something really irritates you, so you send this smiley friend. If he has read our article, possibly he would pause and ask what exactly did you celebrate? Well…it does not happen because we firmly believe you are one of the first to read this. This is the emoji, which is to show the joy of something good. An example of the situation, you buy a new house after long years of hard work, you are happy to express yourself the best way. Do not forget to look like this in this situation!

Face Savoring Food

What it actually means: Satisfied with food

So we’re at it, food. This smiley should express the feeling of a man satisfied with the food. Anyway, it’s a bit different for us, we mostly use it in inappropriate or sexually-based messages. So, maybe next time your text partner will understand you and accept your offer on dinner.

Person folding his hand

What it actually means: Information Person

I do not know exactly how you use this smiley, for me, it is a sign of ignorance or misunderstanding. For someone maybe a waitress carrying an invisible meal tray. And yes…that’s exactly how I wrote. It is essentially a person folding her hand, the exact Unicode of this being to be an “Information Person”.

Folded hands

What it actually means: Folded hands (when praying)

Well, we use it for the meaning of the well-known “high five,” or someone as well as “already enough” to the situation. But we should not, in fact, it’s the emoji to show the person who prays, so you can use it to thank or request, in any case, do not use it as a high five!

A man with horns on his head

What it actually means: Woman undergoing massage

This is a little absurd, but there are a few comments on the internet that she should be a woman with horns on her head. A slightly frightening idea, and even more terrifying that someone could really think of it. In reality, it is a woman who is just undergoing a massage. We hope that nobody visiting this site used this badly.

Open hands

What it actually means: Hug, Openness

Perhaps you have ever used this to represent a simple “what else” or “anything” or even “stop for a moment”. Those with great imagination maybe even dove flying in the air, but there are other emojis designed for this so we probably will not find anyone like this. But to put it right, it is a hint of openness or lust for an embrace.

Deeply thoughtful?

What it actually means: Deeply leaning

This emoji comes to us as deeply thoughtful as it is simply bent and has notional arrows above it. But in fact, it is based on Japanese culture, when people who are deeply inclined to express some feelings, ask for kindness or apologize. In Japan, it is known as “dogeza”, which is supposed to express respect to the superior. For the next time, maybe it would be nice to use, maybe you might impress someone.


That’s all we could find, we’re not an emoticon cabinet. But tell us which one you were surprised or disappointed in. If you have read this up, do not forget to look at our article on – article title. Thank you