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Google as we don't know

How will it be with Google after Article 11?

Everyone definitely knows the Google search engine. But soon it will probably look quite different. Let's see why and how will the "new" Google look like. Many of you have heard of article 13, which will greatly affect the Internet. In addition, there is also a controversial article 11, which applies to various websites that require fees for displayed content. Google now shows us its test form of how it might look in the future.

The biggest problem is that users complain that Google is "taking over" profits. For people, it's usually enough to read the text in the search engine and no longer go to that page. That's why Google is now testing the version that would suit the article 11.

Google a little differently

The illustration shows that Google would become a giant white area that would show nothing to the user. In addition to the users, the publishers themselves will probably suffer. It is more than likely that users will not want to click a page unless they know where the page is leading and what it is about. A similar situation occurred in Germany, where Google canceled previews and snippets, and then publishers asked them to return it. The change led to a decline in viewership and search.

The shown suggestion is a lot of penetrating and hopefully, Google just intimidates the worst solution. But it is also possible that Google is trying to put pressure on the EU to alleviate or even abolish the article. It is possible, however, that Google will really accede to such a variant, whereupon it would hurt both users and publishers.