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Few interesting things about dreams

Sleeping is important for our brain. Although only a few people would say so, our brain is training using dreams. Since dreams happen to almost all people and some animals, I find it useful to know a few facts.

The dream itself is a storyline in which we can feel pain, smells, etc. Because we hear and feel in our sleep, we can dream according to circumstances. If we sleep in a cold room, we can have a dream about swimming in a pond, about making angels in the snow or about other "cold" activities. But it doesn't have to be just about winter. If it's cold at night, it's possible to have nightmares. Another fact is that we can often see our unresolved problems, forgotten tasks, childhood memories, or things that keep shaking our heads in our dreams.

But when we leave those negative things, some people are able to control their dreams, such a condition is called a lucid dream. A sleeping person realizes that he is in a dream and starts doing what he wants. To explain this, let's imagine a sleeping man which dreams about being in a city while a horde of zombies is coming at him, he realizes that he is asleep and can defend himself against the wave, even if he could not. A lucid dreaming person is also able to get what he wants in this dream. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that, you need to be a balanced person and be very calm, some even meditate to experience it. But we aren't here to talk about meditation.

Some people even suffer from sleepwalking, which is often funny for others but can be really dangerous for the one experiencing it. Sleepwalking people tend to smash plates or kick in obstacles ahead of them. But not everyone suffers from it. What about the differences between the dreams of men and women? If you think that every gender has the same dreams, you are wrong. Men have more violent and sexual tendencies, unknown people and unknown environments commonly appear in their dreams, and I could continue. While women show dreams of peace, home, romance or food. Dreams are diverse and difficult to divide, but they are commonly divided into good and bad. Most people do not remember them due to the lack of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) = very strong hallucinogen. But dreams are dreams and yet we will wake up after them.