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5 Interesting jobs everyone wants to do

Have you ever wondered what to do after a high school, college or primary? Or does your current job bore you to death? Tired of doing normal and regular work? If so, here are some tips on working, which are certainly not the usual and you won't bankrupt just because of them.

1. LEGO Bricks builder

As children, we were most likely familiar with the well-known LEGO kit. But did you know, that you can also earn money with these cubes?

At Legoland all over the world, people have been working on their creations for several hours. They are also duly monetized rewarded for this.

2. Ice Cream Taster

There's a minimum of people in the world who don't like ice cream. And those who like it most can even become her tasters and get a good amount of money.

Imagine that you come to work in the morning, they put some ice cream jugs in front of you and you taste them all, describe their taste and choose the best ones. This job will not only provide you with enough frozen snacks but also a fat payout that can rise up to 66.5 million dollars per year.

3. Professional Zombie

Yes, it sounds unbelievable, but there are people in the world who are paid for voluntarily doing a Zombie! These people are mainly used for film footage, theme parties, or productions of the zombie apocalypse.

While it sounds incredible that this profession might entertain someone, people often give up their boring job positions, precisely because they want to become zombies.

4. Computer game Tester

Another great profession is the tester of computer games. We certainly don't have to explain the principle of this profession. A person simply sits behind a computer or game console and plays. At the end of the game, they assess its gameplay and fun.

So, in fact, for playing the newest game first and also helping it get better, you'll get a large sum of money. What are the cons of this job?

5. Paid tourist

We kept this job for the end because it is really brilliant. Imagine that you would get paid for going on a holiday to the sea or somewhere to the mountains with the fact that you don't have to pay a dollar for your journey. Even such people are among us and we can only quietly envy their luxurious occupations.