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Terms of Use

Visiting icblog.eu agrees with the Terms of Service listed on this site. We reserve the right to update, revise, or associate the Terms of Service at any time by publishing such publications. Be sure to carefully examine this page if necessary to find out any change to your service contract as this may affect your relationship with icblog.com


Terms & Conditions

Users must follow the rules of good behavior.

Users should not attempt to compromise the security of the site that triggers icblog.com, compromise its traffic, or retrieve personal information about other users.

Users commit to publishing all the data in their public profile to be filled in.

The information we collect

icblog.com will never collect information about you unless you are authorized and provided otherwise. We do not engage in collecting information that is specific to you or your visit.


Third-party content, links, associations, and purchases

Links to other blogs, websites and/or materials found on icblog.com are provided only as a courtesy to our visitors. icblog.com has no control over the linked pages or materials, information, goods or services that are available or contained on these linked sites. Therefore, icblog.eu is not responsible for any material, information, goods or services available through these linked sites or any privacy or other practices of such linked sites. icblog.eu does not guarantee that all information on linked sites is complete or accurate or that any information or links on this site are free of rogue programming. If you decide to access some of the linked sites, you will only do so at your own risk. icblog.eu also reserves the right to terminate any link at any time.

icblog.cz uses 301 redirects for some of its partner links, which means that while some of the "thumbnails", "download", "demo" and other links may seem as though they were actually external links on the icblog.com domain to sites in other domains (our partner sites). These redirects are used only for tracking purposes, not try to tap someone to click on them or manipulate the search engines.

As a user of icblog.eu you acknowledge that some links on this website will redirect you to other websites and the owner of icblog.eu cannot be held responsible for any problem or confusion caused by clicking on any of these links.


Other rules

All personal data provided by the user are for the purposes of icblog.cz and will not be disclosed to third parties.

The icblog.com operator assumes no responsibility for the behavior of all users on the icblog.eu site and for all the content users have on the site (including text, graphics, audio, and video).

icblog.com reserves the right to extend, change or cancel these Terms without having to notify users of the change that the user expressly acknowledges and agrees to. The current version of the rules will always be available on the https://icblog.eu/pages/privacy website, and this version of the rules will be effective for all users at the time they are posted to the site.


If you feel that something is missing, you can read our privacy policy or contact us directly.